What I’ve finally figured out what must happen to produce fundraising success!

I’ve been in this business since 1980. During this time I have been to thousands of conferences, been mentored by some of the very best, read as many fundraising books that I could get my hands on and even taught fundraisers for years in my role as a college president. Since 2013, I have worked with 50 nonprofits and educational institutions in maximizing their philanthropy.

In the past year, I have begun to notice something that is becoming clearer to me as the key to all successful fundraising.

I have worked with several who have said they just become paralyzed when it comes to picking up the phone to make calls for appointments. Others have stated that they just must have more data before they feel comfortable asking for a gift. I’ve attended many development staff team meetings when strategies were left off the agenda so everyone could share their busyness.  And, I have observed many board meetings where staff gives report after report, but board members leave with no direction nor expectations

Last week I was in a conversation with my future son-in-law.  I jokingly asked him why it took him so long to ask my daughter to marry him.  He told me he was the kind of person that needs to aim, aim, aim, aim and aim before he fires. IT HIT ME…THAT’S IT.   In our development profession, we have a whole host of professionals that are distracted by office configurations, staff drama, fear of making a mistake, anxiety of picking up the phone and stress from the financial challenges of their organization.  As a result, they are not doing the most important thing necessary to have success:  taking ACTION!

Sure, we have to knowledge and wisdom to make the right steps, but if you do not take action the knowledge doesn’t matter.  This is why Crouch & Associates commissioned Meg Foley to write our first book.  WISDOM: The Difference Between Good and Great.  It shows you how to train your brain to take action!

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