25 Essential habits of Successful board members

  1. In all your actions, integrity rules.
  2. You hold in trust the mission of your organization.
  3. You never lose sight that your organization is in the business of changing lives or saving lives.
  4. You create an atmosphere of excellence.
  5. You continually push for greater success.
  6. You’re willing to leave the Comfort Zone.
  7. You’re passionate about your organization and show it.
  8. You maintain a positive attitude.
  9. You plan.
  10. You don’t manage the operation.
  11. You’re constantly on the lookout for key people to join the board.
  12. You strive to recruit trustees with the 4 Ws.  (Work, Wealth, Wisdom, Wallop)
  13. The organization whose board you serve on is among your top philanthropic priorities.
  14. You ask others to give.
  15. You realize that those who give are your best donors for the future.
  16. You understand that not all gifts are worth accepting.
  17. You’re involved in acknowledging and thanking donors.
  18. You attend board meetings.
  19. You’re prepared for every meeting you attend.
  20. You take your fiduciary role seriously.
  21. You exercise sound business judgement. 
  22. You monitor the investments.
  23. You’re keenly aware of the competition.
  24. You call upon a consultant when necessary.
  25. You don’t allow a mission deficit.

From the Fundraising Habits of Supremely Successful Boards by Jerold Panas

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