The Future of Fundraising Is in Our Hands

New Certification Program levels the playing field for underserved minorities to build new career paths as fundraising professionals

RALEIGH, NC – November 2, 2022The National Baptist Convention of America International (NBCAI), Simmons College of Kentucky, and BrightDot Fundraising Consultants have combined efforts to develop a new Fundraising Certification Program and a National Retreat Center to assist work-ready individuals for a future as fundraising professionals. 

Every nonprofit, from higher education’s financial aid staff to charitable volunteers, require specific fundraising skills that will lead to successful funding campaigns. With additional funds, they are better able to serve their audience, volunteers, and donors.  

Dr. Samuel Tolbert, President of NBCAI and Dr. Kevin Cosby, President of Simmons College of Kentucky chose BrightDot’s proven methodology that focuses on donor support using a 95/5 Strategy. “Their Rapid Credentialing Model is concise and condensed, focused on Philanthropy and Advancement into a given time frame,” says Dr. Tolbert. “Partnering with the NBCA and BrightDot will hasten the implementation of the program and open up new career opportunities – especially to our underserved rural, low-income, and minority communities.” 

“Generosity is unlocked when donors feel fulfilled, understood, and connected before, during, and after the donation process,” explains Bill Crouch, founder of BrightDot. “To do this, nonprofits need professional fundraising skills in order to understand the finer points of why potential donors choose to give, why they want to donate, and how they want to be engaged with.”

Colleges, charities, and other non-profits are struggling with severe financial aid staffing shortages that can be difficult to manage. And for any of them, a lack of financial aid staff can have serious ramifications across their organization — including potentially affecting an institution’s ability to meet federal administrative capability requirements. 

“The opportunity exists for Simmons to become a national study center for philanthropy and advancement, especially for people of color,” says Dr. Cosby. “We are starting with three modules and will develop an array of offerings to empower the next generation of fundraisers.  In time, we hope this could be an academic department with full credit degree options for our students.”

If you have questions or would like more information about this new fundraising certification program, please contact Dr. Mike Carter, [email protected].

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