Triangle Business Legend Barbara Mulkey Joins Fundraising Specialists BrightDot as Senior Growth & Development Strategist

“It took a few years for the timing to be perfect, but when something is meant to be, you make it happen,” laughs Bill Crouch, Founder and CEO of BrightDot, discussing his recruitment of Barbara Mulkey out of retirement. The fundraising consultancy focuses on building revenue for nonprofits and higher education. The two met when Barbara worked as General Hugh Shelton Leadership Center’s Executive Director. She hand-selected BrightDot from a crowded field to help the Center develop short-and-long range strategies for financial growth and endowments. Initially, BrightDot hosted a training retreat for the Center’s Major Gift Officer Board, which led to developing a creative fundraising campaign and building a process-oriented, sustainable fundraising plan.  The results were beyond expectations. In the first year, the Center experienced its largest gift ever, total giving increased by a factor of ten, and new relationships with leaders of nationally and internationally recognized firms were successfully established. Barbara gives much credit to BrightDot for bringing life to the Center’s mission to Lead the Future with Values.’  “I enjoyed working with their team so much, I found I was getting them involved in other community boards I serve,” she continues. “At this point in my life, I’m here to serve others. I want to use my hard-won experience in business and on boards to help others. Supporting BrightDot’s mission to empower nonprofit leaders to achieve unparalleled fundraising success, I’m able to exponentially serve many more people.”  Bottomline, Barbara feels as if becoming part of the BrightDot team is a way of giving back to the company and the community that serves the higher education and nonprofit community with creativity, expertise, and  enterprise that gets real results. [ Barbara Mulkey Video can be found here: ] ### BrightDot serves as fundraising consultants with a donor-concentric strategy they call Donors Dreams Delivered, which focuses on helping non-profits engage high net worth philanthropists who provide transformational gifts. They are based in Raleigh, North Carolina and serve non-profits, higher education, museums, and associations across the nation. To learn more about BrightDot and transformational gifts visit CONTACT: Rebecca Antonelli | cell/text: 919.740.3008  |  [email protected] | H&S Marketing

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