How Fundraising Consultants Can Transform Colleges

Introduction: Challenges Faced by Colleges in Fundraising Colleges or places of higher education often operate with limited resources and face significant challenges in their fundraising efforts. These challenges can include a lack of experienced staff, insufficient time to dedicate to fundraising activities, and difficulty in reaching potential donors. Without the right strategies and expertise, college […]

Transform Donor Engagement with Unforgettable Adventures

Business colleagues in conference meeting room during presentation

In the world of fundraising, captivating the hearts and minds of your donors isn’t just beneficial—it’s essential. As the landscape becomes increasingly crowded, nonprofits and charities are discovering that creating an “adventure” for donors isn’t just a fun gimmick; it’s a pivotal strategy in fostering lasting engagement and commitment. Here’s why transforming your fundraising efforts […]


Close-up of an Opened Dictionary showing the Word WORD

If you want to improve the donor experience and impact your organization exponentially, virtually overnight, start using the word “mattership” It’s the next level of stewardship. I shared this realization with an audience of nonprofit executives and college presidents who were in attendance at a recent ‘Meet the Donors’ forum BrightDot, the national fundraising firm […]

The Multiplier Effect

What if I told you that you can exponentially multiply the impact that every person and every dollar has on an organization? Any organization. Particularly in the fundraising space. BEFORE: 1 person = 1 person                                  BEFORE: $1 = $1 AFTER: 1 person = 10 people                                  AFTER: $1 = $10   Let me share a perfect […]

Alabama Community Colleges Learn to “Unleash the Power to be BOLD”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 8, 2023 – Raleigh, N.C. – The Paths for Success Foundation in Alabama has taken a bold step to empower its community college executives and development teams with cutting-edge fundraising expertise. In a rapidly changing landscape where the demand for fundraising in higher education is skyrocketing, the foundation has partnered […]

5 Ways to Fuel Your Enrollment and Fundraising Pipeline At The Same Time

  5 Ways to Fuel Your Enrollment and Fundraising Pipeline           (at the same time) “You have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” This quotation by Audrey Hepburn is a perfect way to think of your enrollment initiatives and fundraising outreach. One hand is helping others – enrollment – and the […]

Learning the Inner Workings of a Well-Oiled Nonprofit Takes a Hands-on Approach

Even the most successful organizations need guidance from coaches and consultants to help get to the next level. An experienced outsider looking in can give new perspectives, make things happen more quickly, and often results in greater outcomes and less resource expenditures. The phrase “This is how we do it here,” coined by entrepreneurial guru […]

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