Renee Keever

Director of Research

“My ‘why’ is to make the world a better place by finding and sharing the stories that help build meaningful connections.”

Throughout her life, including three decades as an executive and consultant to nonprofits, Renee has been guided by the principle of learning from perspectives of others. She helps our BrightDot team and clients prepare for success with thorough research and thoughtful communications. Renee has an exceptional ability to focus on details, while not losing sight of the larger picture.

Renee graduated at the top of her class at Meredith College and as a graduate student in the School of Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, but values most the people she met at her alma maters. 

In her free time, Renee enjoys supporting the work of her favorite artists from singer-songwriters and authors, to potters, painters, and photographers. Her love of storytelling began on her grandfather’s front porch in western North Carolina and has inspired her passions: family genealogy, an ever-growing reading and listening list, and travel photography.