Hiring the Right People and Providing the Best Training Leads to Longer Tenures and Lasting Results

We take the guesswork out of the search process, saving you time and money.



We focus on your unique needs and provide a customized recruitment strategy.

Engaged Search Process

We ensure the highest quality candidates are brought to your selection process.

Development Star Results

We test your top candidates to bring qualitative information to your decision-making process.


We provide customized employee training to offer the best opportunity for long-term success.

Fundraising Positions We Place


The average tenure of development personnel is just 18 months.
Ever wondered why?

Our belief? The wrong individuals are being hired in the first place.

With 180 years of combined experience,
our expert fundraisers know the qualities that make the best development staff,
and we bring that knowledge to the search process.

BrightDot offers your organization a comprehensive solution.


BrightDot will help you assess all candidates who are advanced through the interview process.

Through Development Star, a proprietary assessment tool, we have studied the traits of hundreds of fundraising professionals, comparing their profiles to those of the top fundraisers across the country. Development Star provides surprising insights that allows our clients to have greater confidence about hiring the right development personnel.

After the selection process, our role continues.

BrightDot will provide a customized employee training program to help ensure new personnel has the greatest opportunity to succeed in your organization.


Bill Crouch

BrightDot Founder and CEO

“Industry-leading training is at the forefront of everything we do at BrightDot. Members of our staff have trained everyone from the highest net-worth individuals to college presidents; from members of the Special Forces to hundreds of development personnel across myriad industries.

We started as a training company for fundraisers. We discovered the best fundraisers in the country are the most emotionally intelligent among us. For BrightDot, it’s not just about the search; it’s about advancing the development community to help bring our motto—’Donor. Dreams. Delivered.’—into reality. Let us help you on your journey bring your dreams into reality, too.”

Mike Reynolds

Vice President of Talent Development

“Our approach to search is different, because our company is different. If you’d like to learn more, I’d love to learn more about you and your specific needs. Our interest is in advancing your success, because we believe the world is changed through people.”

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