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Three powerful words that speak to the power of the BrightDot Way

Our unique and powerful fundraising consulting and coaching techniques work wonders in delivering larger and more generous donations each and every time.​ What do we mean when we say the BrightDot way works wonders? It’s not magic -- but it is all about three powerful words that speak to its effectiveness as a method: Donors, Dreams, and Delivered.


Donors are the lifeline of your non-profit. These individuals have passion for your cause, and that makes them the driving force behind your organization’s ability to do good in the world. Our coaching services provide you with the skills to develop and curate positive donor relationships in multiple ways. The BrightDot way can teach you not just how to cut donor cultivation time in half but also proven and effective methods to turn first-time donors into lifetime investors, providing the long-term support that’s so crucial your organization’s continued success.


This is more than just the dreams of your donors to make the world a better place. It’s and also the dreams, aspirations and goals of your organization to reach fundraising goals, which in turn enables you to reach as far and wide as possible in your efforts to make a difference. The BrightDot way is all about supporting your organization’s dreams and keeping your staff motivated, especially when it comes to staff hiring and training assessment to prevent that dreaded 18-month turnover, as a cohesive team performs better and achieves their dreams together.


Delivered speaks to the results that BrightDot brings to your organization and development team to make it stronger, more resilient and built for a successful future. We show you the way to develop staff for high-impact levels of accountability, resilience, and results through the use of Training Boards and other methods that have been transforming good but underperforming orgs into those capable of delivering to their potential and beyond.

THE BRIGHTDOT: Better Together

Taken individually, the BrightDot way delivers excellent results in boosting fundraising for your organization. Taken together, though — that’s where the real magic happens. When you combine all three aspects of BrightDot together, their synergy powers your fundraising to unheard of levels. 

Would you like to learn how our fundraising consulting and coaching services can transform your organization’s fundraising effectiveness? Schedule a 15-minute call with Bill Crouch and learn more.

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The BrightDot Way Believers

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What makes us unique are the insights we’ve gathered from development psychologists, sports psychologists, college professors, researchers, a relaxation specialist, a former college president, a national leader in special-event fundraising, as well as record-setting major gift fundraisers and wise nonprofit leaders.



We offer clients an array of consulting services – based on the concept of “nonprofit wisdom.” These services range from fundraising coaching; development execution; messaging and storytelling expertise; strategic assessments and organizational planning; and board and staff “best practices” training.



You will hear something you haven’t heard before… feel something you haven’t felt before… and do something you haven’t done before.



We help you discover the vital role of the fundraiser in the world and experience your work as personally meaningful. You deserve to feel vocational conviction and believe that fundraising is hard work that’s worth it.

Start With Heart by Bill Crouch

Start with Heart is for any development professional in search of fundraising mastery. This pithy book shows the crucial connection between emotional intelligence and success (yes, it can be learned!) while providing the tools to build joy, purpose and story.
Techniques shared here will build culture inside your team and organization.
Learn how you can:


End 2022 Great. NOW is the Time to Donate.

Inspired by the giving spirit of the holidays, there is no better time to send an appeal to supporters to direct their money to your cause. Approximately 31% of all annual

Young door to door fundraisers talking to senior woman and collecting money for charity in street

The Future of Fundraising Is in Our Hands

New Certification Program levels the playing field for underserved minorities to build new career paths as fundraising professionals RALEIGH, NC – November 2, 2022 – The National Baptist Convention of America


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