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Connecting the Dots

A BrightDot system that produces results for every top performing fundraiser! Starting with where you want to be, we plan the steps that help you get dot at a time. Everyone has relationships and connections. How do these lead you to where you want to be? It’s not magical. It’s not data driven. It is intuition. It is drive. It is hard work. Connecting the dots changes the way you go about fundraising campaigns!

Key Principles We Look For As We Begin Our Work With Client Fundraising Campaigns:

We Seek...

To understand the emotional intellect of the team we will be working with on the campaign. We believe Jim Rohn was right when he said we are “the average of the five people we spend most of our time with.” This greatly impacts our habits and will influence our behavior during the campaign. We know there must be ambition, passion and trust for an organization to have maximum results.

We Want...

To know your board. How does the board measure their performance and what is it that motivates them? We interview them to seek to know why they are there, and what their hopes are for your organization. We will train the board and provide a "story book” that will enable them to be major engagement ambassadors. We do this because we know that great cultures produce great results.

Our Focus...

Then turns to the staff, understanding the matrixes used in the past to drive performance. We want to know who are the 40 to 60 people we need to interview as the precursor to the campaign. At this point we begin creating the campaign portfolio’s for each staff person, introduce our internal communication process (5 x 15 report) with bi-weekly accountability calls from our team to yours.

The Absolute Key...

To success is the campaign leadership. We have to find a leader that everyone respects, wants to hear from and will follow. And we surround this leader with 5 to 7 other top leaders who will provide the muscle we need to guide you to success.

At The Heart...

Of this approach is the CASE STATEMENT. We use a very innovated video brochure that allows all campaign volunteers to have a tool to easily speak with anyone about the campaign and ask for support. Confidence is key for any volunteer. This tool gives them that support they need to sit down with someone and share the story.

Now We Begin...

With implementation to put the campaign on the road. We train the team and volunteers to have a response for any questions or objections they may face. We help develop triggers that provide a planned response so everyone will be fully prepared for each visit. We guide you to get out and ask.

Our Task...

Is to guide this process. We believe “play” is an important part of the journey. We seek for everyone one in the campaign to stay energetic, engaged and healthy. This is part of our philosophy of JOYFUL GENEROSITY

And Of Course...

We will celebrate! From the beginning to the end, everything is connected, it is called collective intelligence. A talented, well-designed team is the catalyst for every other component of success!

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