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Fundraising Coaching & Consulting: How We Help You Make a Bigger Difference

You're passionate about your cause, and that's exactly what it takes to drive your organization's fundraising efforts. That passion can get you far, but you also need the skills to ensure your next fundraising experience is as successful as possible. Developing these skills isn't something that happens overnight -­ it takes hard work and dedication to your cause. It also takes a strong, guiding hand with plenty of experience, and that's exactly what our fundraising consulting can provide. Our fundraising coaching services provide invaluable insight into the fundraising process.

Our fundraising coaching & consulting services provide invaluable insight into the fundraising process. Our knowledgeable and experienced coaches can help you learn how to:

Assess Staff

Hiring and training staff is an important part of supporting your organization's success. We can show you how to assess prospective and existing staff members and provide them the requisite training to help avoid the typical 18-month staff turnover rate with which many fundraising organizations struggle.

Solicit Longer-Term Investment

Don't rely on one-time donations for your fundraising efforts. Instead, our fundraising coaching services can show you how to turn first-time investors to lifetime investors that you can rely on like clockwork every year.

Build Relationships Quicker

Cultivating relationships with prospective donors is a delicate matter, as you have to balance several different factors to keep a donor engaged. We've perfected this process, and we're ready to share it with you; let us show you how our tested and proven techniques can cut this cultivation time in half.

Develop Results-Oriented Staff

It's tough working for a fundraising organization. That's why your staff need to be able to deliver on high-impact, results-driven levels. We'll show you how to develop your staff so that they're resilient and accountable.

Use Communications Tools

Our proven coaching methods use communication tools to show your organization how to engage with donors at a higher impact level, increasing the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts well beyond other methods.


To impact lives by raising the performance of those who serve others.


We build trusting relationships by providing tools, processes & coaching.


We empower organizations to be able to raise more money.


Assessing to hire and train staff to prevent 18-month turnover.


Teaching organizations how to turn first-time investors into lifetime investors.


Coaching how to cut cultivation time in half.


Developing staff to high-impact levels of accountability, resilience and results.


Training Boards how to engage at a higher impact level.

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