Meg Foley

Director of Performance Psychology

“The ability to connect and contribute are basic human needs for all of us. Being able to facilitate another’s need to contribute and connect is an amazing gift.”

Meg is the Director of Performance Psychology. She is an Author and co-founder of Apeiron Academy, with a master’s degree in sport psychology and is a master level certification in neurolinguistic programming. She has a vast array of educational and professional experience specializing in performing under pressure, conditioning the nervous system, resilience, performance & mindset, strength and conditioning, cognitive-physiologic remapping (brain hacks) and epigenetics.

Meaghan is a former Division 1 athlete and is now an authentic, charismatic presenter and teacher with over 10 years of coaching and training experience. Her clients range from Special Operations Forces, to high level corporate such as Google, to collegiate and professional athletes such as University of New Hampshire and LA Galaxy. She is also a co-creator and instructor for Apeiron Academy for Human Optimization, an epigenetics and performance optimization certification academy. Meaghan is passionate about being limitless and empowering others who seek the same. She is a lifelong athlete and adventure seeker.