Leigh Holmes

Director of Marketing

“I’m driven by the joy I experience when helping clients visualize and achieve their goals, and in sharing their excitement upon seeing those efforts come to life.”

Marketing is an evolving area that requires a tuned-in understanding of how to effectively grow a  client’s brand, reputation, and audience. Leigh brings more than 20 years of branding, marketing, and advertising expertise to the BrightDot team where she helps clients see beyond “what is” and envision “what can be.” 

An essential component of every client relationship is collaboration—mutual understanding and support—a value that extends to the marketing and creative components of every campaign. Leigh’s ability to build collaborative client relationships and guide custom marketing strategies ultimately sets up clients for campaign success.

Outside of work, Leigh enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, traveling to the beautiful North Carolina beaches, and being an active member of her church community.